Saturday, 17 May 2014

Blood? Another Teen Wolf Season full of Blood? This can’t be!?

A Photo of blood pool, tweeted by Melissa Ponzio… Whose blood could it be? Could it be one of main characters? Teen Wolf Season 3 have been a lot spilled bloods… from the injuries to the people who died. The last season was already too dark but is Jeff Davis going make another dark and scary season?

Woah! Hope no one dies from favorite characters… Scott, Stiles, Derek, Lydia, and other main characters.

It’s because we’re only just beginning to wipe the image of Allison Argent’s death from our minds… But it seem that we’ll just have to suck it up there will more Teen Wolf bloodletting on the horizon. While on the show’s set yesterday, Melissa Ponzio, who play the role of Melissa McCall, Scott mom, tweeted a photo of a pool blood that was spilled across a scratched-up floor. Let’s hope that it’s a part of Teen Wolf storyline and not a case of Kira getting sword-happy between takes.

“Overheard on #teenwolf set today…’more blood…or, just do something’ more blood it is!” This is what Melissa tweeted with the snapshot that looks like runoff from a particularly uncaring abattoir. We’re not sure whose DNA we’re looking at, or if the gushing will make the change between life and death, but when you can see your reflection in your own vital fluid, that’s positively not a good sign. Its looks like that Beacon Hills hospital staff will be working overtime on this coming season.

Oh... No more blood from our favorite characters... Oh, please, this is too much.

So, stay tuned and watch out for more Teen Wolf Updates my fellow fans and hang tight for the upcoming Season 4 premiere this coming June 23. And you may view Teen Wolf Episodes online here at

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