Thursday, 22 May 2014

Teen Wolf Special Scope: Colton Haynes visits on Teen Wolf Set

Hey my fellow fans, have you seen the photos of Colton Haynes, the man who perfectly portrayed Jackson Whittemore, the former lacrosse star/loathsome Kanima; is an expatriate a making a name for himself in London, but in the real world, Colton Haynes, the actor behind the character, has made his Beacon Hills Homecoming!

Just recently, the show stars Tyler Hoechlin and Holland Roden tweeted photos of their ol’ pal hanging out on set, and though we didn’t expect Jackson to pop up on Season 4, we certainly appreciate the reunion.

But this visit doesn’t actually mean that he’ll be in Season 4, and just like everyone wonders if he’s going to comeback in the future… We all know that his role on Arrow is great but he has a great role on Teen Wolf too… especially now that character as Jackson has turned into a werewolf.

Well, anyway it’s great to see that they still hang out together just like the old times. It’s just shows that they’re good friends and genuinely happy no matter what happens and anyone who leaves the show are always welcome to comeback or visit the set.

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What do think of Colton visiting Teen Wolf set? Do you think it’s possible that Jackson can return in Teen Wolf? For Lydia? 

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