Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Teen Wolf Season 4 Special Scope: New cast and character coming in Beacon Hills

Let’s all welcome the new cast this Teen Wolf Season 4; Mason Dye and Khylin Rhambo who are set to join the show in heavily recurring roles.

Dye who will portray Garrett’s character, a star from Lifetime’s Flower in the Attic; he’s a new student and a member of the Beacon Hills lacrosse team, while Ender’s Game’s Rhambo will be playing Mason, who is also a new member of the team, the funny freshman, who is out, but he’s not your stereotypical gay character.

Gay huh…? Could he be the new love interest for Danny, the fans favorite gay character?! Another interesting love mystery for Danny, great! Let’s hope…

Oh… well, it seems that it wasn’t just Dye and Rhambo the new faces, Teen Wolf addicts will also be meeting; Dylan Sprayberry will joining the show, he had played the young Clark Kent. He’ll portray another new member of Lacrosse Team, Liam, a cocky and handsome freshman with an enviable athletic prowess at Beacon Hills High School.

Just recently he tweeted “Teen Wolf here I come!!!!” and he also said “So pumpedddddd.”

He must be really happy to be part of Teen Wolf cast huh… but of course, he should be because it's Teen Wolf we're talking about!

Anyway, if you want to refresh your beautiful minds of the previous events of the show; visit for the full viewing of Teen Wolf  Episodes online. As a fan of the show, I know the feeling of excitement. But it’s just a 33 days to go, before the Teen Wolf Season 4 premieres, so hang on tight to seats and watch out.

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