Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Teen Wolf Season 3 Recap: Kate Argent Coming Back; Allison Died; The Twin leaves, Derek still dreaming and Stiles finally have a girlfriend

Greetings to all Teen Wolf Addicts out there!

It’s been a while since that I haven’t wrote a review or news about Teen Wolf…. Geez…! Just can’t believe that it’s on their fourth season; after the show had aired its pilot episode, it got recognized, nominated and even won some amazing awards. Congratulations to Teen Wolf  for doing well. 

Anyway, let’s have a recap about the previous season of Teen Wolf which was 3rd season of the show, it was composed of 24 episodes that give the fans a chilling and thrilling experience. From this season some of you probably had tearful and nerve wrecking experience while watching episode. That’s because in every episode of show, there’s always a dark, thrilling action and sad scenes that could make the fans scream… So far, Season 3 was the darkest, scariest and most unpredictable season of Teen Wolf.

So, from the previous Teen Wolf Season 3 Finale, the two most admired character died fighting to save and protect their friends and love ones. First, Allison dies, she was killed by an Oni controlled by the Nogitsune (Stiles human form). The saddest part of this scene is when Allison saying ‘I Love You’ to Scott, while Isaac was watching her die in Scott’s arm. And of course the one person who felt hurt the most is Allison’s father, who actually lost everyone in his family.

And the second character was Aiden who died at the finale episode where he was also fighting against the Oni who’s still controlled by the Nogitsune. At the end, Lydia felt someone died again and she probably felt that feeling again it was someone close to her. She then rush out of school to find out that it was her boyfriend, Aiden. While, Ethan was holding his brother in his arm while he was already losing his breath.
This characters were one of the best character on the show, still can’t believe that they’re already gone. Jeff Davis stated that it was Crystal Reed’s decision to leave the show, he also said that he’s proud of her because she actually asked to sit down and talk about her leaving the show. Meanwhile, Jeff and Staff had already acknowledge about the twins leaving because they’ll be doing a new show “The Leftover” where he also said that “We’re proud of them”.

DEREK is still DREAMING? Oh, poor Derek… At the finale, Derek ask Stiles on how will he finds out if he’s awake or still dreaming. Then Stiles told him to count his own fingers, if he has more than five fingers, he is still dreaming. What’s happening to Derek? Will he wake up? We’ll soon find out!!!  If you want to see the Teen Wolf Episodes online, just visit watchseries1.eu for full free episode viewing.

Anyway, let’s move on from sad parts to Happy events on show, Stiles finally have someone special in the character of ‘Malia Tate’ played by Shelley Hennig. They first met after Stiles and Scott helped Sheriff Stilinski about unsolved case in the past. Later on, the show revealed her real identity on how did she became a werecayote while her parents are perfectly human; Malia is Peter’s daughter… Hmmm… Interesting, since Stiles doesn’t have an idea about it. This show is worth waiting.

This June, Teen Wolf Season 4 premiere will air, you better watch out for it… Because you don’t want to miss out any exciting events on Teen Wolf.

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