Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Teen Wolf Season 4 Teaser ‘Can’t Go Back’ Released!

Yay! MTV just released another mysterious and thrilling teaser for the upcoming Teen Wolf Season 4 which will premiere on June 24, 2014. Excited yet? Oh… Yes, It’s gonna be another thrilling, dark and exciting season of our most favorite wolfs show.

Hmmm… I’m sure that many of you have already seen it but still let’s give it a try anyway… So below here is the latest Teen Wolf Season 4 ‘Can’t Go Back’ teaser…

Pretty amazing huh…?! I know, it is awesome… But what do they mean by ‘Can’t Go Back’? Does it mean that they’re moving, or is it something else, ‘coz they can’t leave Beacon Hills just like that… And was Allison's cross bow? Why is there money falling?  Hmmp… Teen Wolf is really good at being unpredictable things… which leads us to many mysterious question.

And the big QUESTION is where Kira and Malia? What do think? Will they both get along? Especially with Lydia around? Who is she going to pair up this time since Stiles is already taken… Hmmm… I bet she’ll be paired up with a villain or a new alliance… Oops, before I forget if you would like to see the previous Teen Wolf Episodes online you may visit watchseries1.eu for the full free viewing.

You’re probably also wondering of how will Peter react when he finds out that his long lost unknown daughter, Malia is in relationship with Stiles. Hmmm… Well, can’t imagine his face… And Malia how do think will react to this fact? I bet Peter might get a slap from her… LOL, just kidding.

Oh yeah, Stiles also don’t know that Malia’s biological father is Peter… Woooh! Exciting! More Peter-Stiles crazy moments upcoming…

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